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Jumping the gun on the Old Spice Guy

Full disclosure: I’ve used Old Spice After Hours deodorant for 5 years and counting.

Today I read an article by the Yahoo! TV Blog that it looks like the Old Spice Guy campaign was flop because sales seem to be down 7%. This is farcical. Why?

Because the crux of the campaign was last week.

Since the campaign began in February with the Super Bowl Commercial, there have been 3 new commercials. These commercials are aimed primarily to older women, hence hunky Isaiah Mustafa. (Actually, I would argue that the mustache commercial, which I’ve only seen on the YouTubes, is directed at hipster dudes.) These are the part of the campaign that the numbers are tied to. The blog Jezebel has a few reasons why they think the commercials didn’t work, and I would primarily agree with their points.

HOWEVER, like I said, these aren’t the main course – these were the appetizers for what happened the week everything changed. As of this post, the channel’s upload views are at 109,694,136. let’s cut out 12.2 million from that number and you are getting close to what happened last week. That’s an obscene number to rack up in 7-odd days.

On top of that, let’s all think about the fact that bodywash, deodorant and aftershave are not chocolate bars – you don’t buy them everyday. I would wait a few weeks to let people run out of Old Spice’s competitor products before we assign failure to a huge social media breakthrough campaign.


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