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Creatively spent.

I think I’m starting to understand why I stop blogging for good amounts of time, and it lies mainly in that I spend my creative energies in other, more immediate contexts.

The problem with Biblical Studies, is that you have to always be thinking creatively and out of the box – or just read A LOT. Today I finished a presentation where I espoused the History-of-Religions view of the evolution of Monotheism from the El accounts from the partriarchal stories to Trinitarianism. Before that, I wrote a paper on my own interpretation of Genesis 2:25. Next week I have to write a paper on the use of extra-biblical apocalyptic literature in 1-2 Peter and how it affects exegesis. I still have to come up with a topic for my Acts paper, and I have another paper on why we should use the Septuagint, instead of the Masoretic text, as our primary Christian OT text.

Outside of the classroom, we just finished Airbands, where I artfully rendered Dashboard Confessional’s This Bitter Pill in full emo glory, solo-wise. My co-DM and I are trying to finish our D&D Campaign before the end of the semester, at which point I need to start building a new character for the summer.

So really, I don’t have much to say, not because I’m busy, but because I’m creatively spent. I’ve used up all that energy elsewhere, so that when I have the time to write something, I indulge myself on the creative energies of others, such Battlestar Galactica, Transformers, or the current Bionicle storyline. Nerdy? yes. Relaxing? definitely.

Well there’s 260 words for you to read. Hopefully I’ll have something pertinent to say soon.

As an aside, I cannot get this song out of my head:

And now you can’t either.


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Will Kinchlea has gone National.

Interviewed about the Maclean’s Surveys over at

No big deal.

Article here.


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My School is, apparently, awesome.

Maclean’s magazine, Canada’s premiere weekly magazine, does two university surveys annually. One, the NSSE, is a pretty exclusive one that Tyndale isn’t in (yet), but the other, the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC), is all about student satisfaction. Here’s the deal:

CUSC results - Tyndale's there at the top.

CUSC results - Tyndale

Tyndale tops the list. Oh yeah. Expensive private school with small classes rule. For more chart-topping results, check out Maclean’s other CUSC results here. This bodes well for my little academic burgh.

Take that Public Universities!

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A Nightmare.

This was originally published in the 2008 Issue of the Canon25:


It’s dark.  I squint my eyes to adjust to what is going on around me. I’m slightly disoriented, trying to figure out where I am. 

I figure out where I am.  I’m in the school.  I don’t know how or why I’m here, but I realize something.  I remember.

“There are rumours of dark things happening in the school at night, Will, and I need to know what is going on in there.  I trust that you can find out the mysteries in the darkness.” The Dean of Students, George Sweetman uttered these words to me the day  before.  I found this strange, since I had only met him the day before, in orientation. Eager to prove my worth, I accepted his request.

I come upon a meeting.

I wait in the darkness as people begin to gather.  There are 12 people gathered around one central person.  With curiosity, I realize that the person is Josh Phillips, the Residence Director and the 12 are the Residence Advisors.  Something is going on here, so I hide and wait and listen.

“You know the orders.  Subvert, divide, and conquer.  This place is ours.”  The words escape Josh’s mouth in a strangely alien fashion, wholly disturbing, knowing the little I know of him.  The 12 respond with sinister smiles and go off in pairs towards their respective dormitories.  The Director melts away into the shadows.

I wait for a time, making sure that I am safe from being found out.  I become aware of the fact that I’ve found my way into something that is far above my head.  I can’t not do anything however, as the little time that I’ve spent in this place has made it dear to my heart.  I have seen the young faces around me and I know that they are like sheep to the slaughter, not even knowing that they are being led as such by the 12 and the Director.  

I wait until the way is clear and I make clear my escape. 


“I can’t do anything about this Will.  Not yet.  You must catch them.  You must stop them.  I can prosecute them, but only after you give me the evidence to do so.  Go, and reveal these 12 and their leader.”  The Dean seems to be helpless at this time.  I’ve been given  the duty to stop this group…but how will I do it?


The weeks and months pass. Slowly, within the shadows, I show the School what the 12 truly are.  Surveillance and traps won over six of them.  Breaking into their rooms brought in three more.  Spreading rumours caught two more of them.  Finally, the final one had to be caught through the falsification of evidence.  It was hard…but I had to do it for the betterment of my fellow students. Now, for the Director.

I send the Director a letter, taunting him to meet the man who destroyed his legion.  We are to meet at 4am in the Cafeteria. 


I wait in the Cafeteria. The tables and chairs are gone, probably due to some event that had happened that evening. I know not what, as I have been preparing for this encounter for the last 24 hours. The moon is full and its cold, old, reflected light pours in through open windows on both of my sides. The walls look a pale yellow. The room seems smaller than usual.  My senses must be playing tricks upon me. 

I see the Director walk into the room. He seems calm. If he is full of rage, he shows nothing of it in his eyes.  His eyes, in fact, seem as cold as the old light in the room.  This is not the same Director seen in the daylight. At his side, strangely glinting in the penumbral light is a very large sword.

I look to my own hand, and it also wields a sword.  I can’t remember whether I’ve held it this whole time, or where I had gotten it, but I’m thankful for it in my hands now. 

“So. You have down this, have you?  Well, this is the only way to finish this.  Only one of us will walk away from tonight.” the Director says his words in such a matter-of-fact way that it sends a chill down my spine.  He raises his sword.  We clash.

We fight for what seems to be hours, though it must only be minutes.  I say that, because the light never changed within the room the entire time.  All the while, the Director utters discouragements and taunts towards my face as the sweat pours down my face.

Finally the Director says, “Even if you destroy me, there is still another.”  At these words, I become enraged.  The Director stops his attack and stares at me.  Without asking why he stayed his hand, I plunge my sword into him.  The Director disappears and his final words echo in my ears.  As the echo fades, another sound blends into the words and overtakes them.  I hear clapping.

I look to where the clapping comes from, and I see a man walk out of the shadows.  To my confusion, George Sweetman walks out of the shadows.

“Well done, Will.  You have done everything I asked of you.”  George smiles oddly.

“However, I know what you have done to do so.  You have lied, stolen and framed people for your ends. You have even destroyed a defenseless man in rage.  You have become everything I thought you would become.”  George begins to clap once again. A horrific revelation comes upon me.  Before I can say anything, the Dean speaks once again.

“Yes.  I am the architect of this endeavour.  The Director, as are the 12, is one of my many pawns.  I have used them to get to you; to create the you that is now.  You are powerless against me now.  I used you to test my regime.  You proved that those I had were weak and sloppy.  I will get more to put in the spotlight, and I will teach them how to avoid the tactics you used.”  

Another comes from the darkness.  The Director emerges again from the shadows.

“You may be relieved to know that you did not kill Mr. Phillips.  You destroyed a spectre, to complete your character. Mr. Phillips will return to his post in the morning, and he will have the evidence to destroy you in this place.  You will be revealed as a liar, cheat, and a fraud. Your testimony will be nothing, and our plans will go forward.  You are helpless to stop me.”

12 new figures emerge from the darkness.  I am surrounded. I realize I am completely helpless to stop them; everything I’ve done is now swept away.  George begins to laugh.  It begins low and quiet, but quickly swells into a thunderous sound – something that fills the room so that it becomes the only sound I can comprehend.  Covering my ears, I look up and George’s face is consumed in a ghastly parody of revelry.  The 12 close in, and the darkness consumes me.


I wake up in my dorm room.  It is the first day of Frosh Week, my first day of school at Tyndale University College.

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