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Will Kinchlea is the man behind the mask. I’m a learning web designer, writer, biblical ‘scholar’, Dungeon Master, thinker, artist, gamer – I’m really everything, because I’m into almost everything. I’m a very eclectic, very absent-minded individual who needs to sit down and hammer out ideas sometimes, most usually on this blog.

This blog is my ‘home base’ of sorts, while I traverse the internet and all its cool new media and web communities, so some of what I write on here will be about politics, culture, ideas, ideologies, worldviews, love, nerdy stuff, music, the internet, other blogs, other writers, film — anything, really — but all of that will be through the lens I have on, and that lens is distinctly Christian.

Christian? Seriously? Laaaame. For those thinking that statement, don’t worry: I’m not damning you to hell. Nor will I pass judgement over those who don’t believe. However, I may pass judgement (most likely sadness and disapproval) on the church (because some of us are doing a pretty crappy job), and I may get critical about certain parts of what Christians believe (versus what’s really in the Bible).

For those thinking that I’m borderline heretical by criticizing the church and theology already (wait til you see me get going), this is where I affirm my whole-hearted belief in Creedal Christianity (Nicene, Apostle’s and Chalcedon Compliant!). I believe in the God-Man Jesus Christ, a bodily resurrection, and a life eternal — that means I’m still your family, even if we disagree (and we will).

If you like what you read, please stay. Wax poetic about what wrong’s I have said and such. I’m down with it.

The Will Kinchlea, Hipster-at-Large.

The one and only Will Kinchlea, Hipster-at-Large.


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